Our 2014 Predictions

2014 is set to be full of technological challenges for the video surveillance market. These include the demand for increasingly complex solution delivery, playing a key role in the big data journey and the cloud being used as a single platform for all security data.
2014 will see increased demand from project managers, particularly in the retail and transportation sectors for high level solutions. These systems need to cope with a large volume of data generated, e.g. some even accurately record the touch of a key by an operator. However, in parallel to the increased complexity going into the back end design is the requirement for more intelligence to make the systems user friendly. These complex solutions are designed to extrapolate and present all the data in a format configured for each type of user.
Linked to the rise of complex enterprise solutions and the need to acquire and interrogate data are the buzz words of ‘Big Data’. Analysts are already debating whether 2014 will be the year that this concept becomes a reality. The video security industry will be a key contributor to the big data success as it is responsible for capturing and analysing video across a diverse range of vertical sectors. One of the many issues around Big Data is how to store and interrogate unstructured data, such as video. Historically, due to prohibitive storage costs, valuable data is often not stored, or, saved in an unstructured format. Most company’s cameras operate 24/7 and archive the content for future investigation generating terabytes of video content every day.
At Sicura, we are increasingly working with clients on a range of big data applications – from retail shopping patterns to health & safety reporting. All these clients are asking for our help in developing tools such as video analytics and data platforms to extract unstructured data and configure it into a structured usable format. The Sicura platform analyses in real time the incoming data (such as video, audio and alarms) using complex algorithms. Metadata produced is then associated with complex alarms, events etc and is available for forensic analysis. So with the progression towards converting unstructured to structured data and the rise in bespoke applications, perhaps in 2014, big data could become a reality!
I also predict that in 2014 our industry will push even further towards full integration in the cloud. It will increasingly be used as a single virtualised platform to house everything security related from access control to video analytics.