• Video Cycle

    Support for the entire intelligence life cycle.

    Security requires constant vigilance on multiple channels. We are a leader in the integration of technology, systems, and operational solutions across a number of intelligence disciplines in all domains—air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace—to deliver full-spectrum mission performance.

    Sicura offers a wide range of security solutions:

    • Surveillance and reconnaissance
    • Intelligence systems
    • Mission support
  • What can a single image tell you

    What can a single image tell you

    Can one shot tell the whole story? Without a true video form to capture the essence of the event, you’ll never see the whole truth.

  • In a nutshell

    In a nutshell

    Today’s video market is full of thousands of options, selections, choices and a myriad of magical solutions that can’t deliver as promised. At Sicura, we deliver on the promise of real technology and true solutions.

Our Specialties

Security Solutions

Tweet There are no solutions that can be properly implemented without careful scrutiny of the inherit security of the established medium. With each stream comes the possibility of infection, interruption, unauthorized access and unwanted distribution. That’s why we work first to determine the correct platform based on the needs of the customer’s data retention and […]

Mixed Media

Tweet The usage of varying types of systems in a single solution can greatly benefit the end user if the right mix of media is included. For this reason we have attempted to best define our systems as being mixed-media enhanced. In this distributional effort we emerge as a global leader in the methods for […]

Online Backup

Tweet Perhaps one of the most interesting challenges in the data-heavy media world is the backup of online video footage. With novel technologies, video compression, data deduplication and time-based snapshots can lead to more effective means to keep video longer with less intensive bandwidth usage. Every stream can take up considerable internet usage and for […]

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